The Barefoot Contessa just revealed what might be her favorite pie, and it's beyond trendy.
ina garten
Credit: NBC NewsWire / Getty Images

When Ina Garten reveals that she loves something—whether it’s her favorite Super Bowl dip, her favorite fast food restaurant, or her favorite cocktail—we listen. So when she posted on Instagram that the Brussels sprout and cacio e pepe pie from Martina Pizzeria in NYC "may be [her] favorite pizza ever," we take note.

Covered in Brussel sprouts, Pecorino and black pepper, channeling everyone's favorite cacio e pepe, the pizza embodies two of the most popular food trends from the last few years. First, you couldn't open a menu without seeing those cruciferous vegetables, probably embellished with bacon, anywhere you turned. Then, the humble mix of cheese and pepper came out in full force, dawning every kind of noodle, pizza and vegetable imaginable.

As for the origin of this pie, Martina is Danny Meyer and Nick Anderer's casual offshoot of Marta, and it's incredibly on trend itself—part of the tidal wave (you can’t even call it a trend anymore; it’s the norm) of chefs opening casual restaurants. It’s also part and parcel of a pizza renaissance that seems to be cresting this year. (We don’t think we’ll ever reach peak pizza—there can never be enough. But between Italian imports like legendary Naples shop Sorbillo Pizzeria opening in NYC and Roman-style Bonci in Chicago; Una Pizza Napoletana returning to NYC; Chris Bianco expanding his famous Pizzeria Bianco in L.A.; among other openings, it’s a great time to be a pizza lover. Which brings us back to Ina.)

Ina's pie of choice, piled high with green leaves and visibly generous sprinkles of cheese, looks like one to try. And with an endorsement from the Barefoot Contessa herself, we wouldn't be surprised if this became Martina's most popular pizza.