The Barefoot Contessa posted the time-lapse video on her Instagram ahead of July 4th.

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ina garten
Credit: NBC NewsWire / Getty Images

Sure, flag cakes are far from a new phenomenon. They’ve been around for years now; in fact, for many Americans, they’ve become a veritable Fourth of July tradition. Whether they’re made with a base of mix cake or they’re whipped up entirely from scratch, they’re about to be everywhere—on our camera rolls, on our Instagram feed, and on dessert tables left and right as America celebrates its independence. In fact, we’d be pretty disappointed if the berry-studded dessert didn’t make an appearance at some point during the patriotic holiday weekend.

Still, as omnipresent as they are, you have to admit that this video makes them seem new and exciting again. Leave it to Ina Garten.

For years, Garten sold the berries-and-cream topped sheet cake in her Hamptons shop on the Fourth. When the store closed, fans were glad to have the recipe printed in her Barefoot Contessa Family Style book back in 2002.

Now, she’s bringing back the red, white, and blue magic in a fun timelapse posted to her Instagram account. In the caption accompanying the short but oh-so-exciting clip, she wrote a simple message: "It's a 4th of July tradition! I've made so many flag cakes over the years, and I've gotten really fast at decorating them!! Post a picture of your flag cake using #BCflagcake!!”

She certainly has “gotten really fast at decorating them.” Her trick (besides, you know, being Ina Garten) might have to do with the lines you can see her draw into the cake’s frosting using a wooden skewer. It appears she’s marked out the rectangular area that the blueberries will eventually inhabit to keep the berries as evenly-arranged as possible. That’s just a great idea no matter how you look at it.

And, of course, her quick and precise piping skills are beyond enviable.

Inspired? Thinking about posting a #BCflagcake ‘gram? We can help.