The food personality sat down with host Michael Ian Black for a podcast episode released today.
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ina garten
Credit: Daniel Zuchnik / Getty Images

In the most recent episode of the podcast "How to Be Amazing," Ina Garten sat down for an in-depth interview with host Michael Ian Black. You might know Black as counselor McKinley from Wet Hot American Summer (among about a hundred other projects). You probably know Garten is the author of cookbook classics like Cooking For Jeffrey and Make it Ahead, and the star of Food Network’s cooking show Barefoot Contessa. Clearly, she’s a seasoned expert on how to be amazing.

We don’t want to give it all away, but we’ll give you a few hints. Some shocking revelations include: Garten almost majored in fashion design in college, counts herself as a Taylor Swift fan and is an avid yoga practitioner.

The zen she finds in her practice seems to be reflected in her relaxed approach to her wildly successful career. She tells Black, “you gotta just jump in the pond and splash around.” Garten certainly followed that advice. When she started her business, a now-shuttered specialty food store also called Barefoot Contessa, in Easthampton, NY, Garten had never been to the Hamptons, nor owned a business. She also chose to open her doors on Memorial Day weekend in a resort community. The shop stayed open for almost 18 years.

Garten exudes an air of humility, viewing herself as someone who cooks rather than a chef. Despite her position as an industry expert, Garten says she still finds cooking difficult after all these years. She carefully measures every ingredient and once made a blueberry coffee cake 25 times…in a row. And she still gets nervous in front of the camera.

Even though she’s devoted to her career, Garten has an enviably happy marriage with her husband Jeffrey (see Cooking for Jeffrey) a dean at Yale University. They’ll celebrate 50 years together in 2018. She calls him both her muse and anchor.

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