By Joey Skladany
Updated September 21, 2016
Credit: © Area 52 Advertising Inc/Getty Images

Vegetables aren't the first thing that come to mind for most In-N-Out lovers (there's a reason "animal style" is a thing there), but a population of vegetariansis demanding a "healthy, humane and sustainable option" from the California-based burger joint.

A petition, already garnering nearly 25,000 signatures, aims to grab the attention of In-N-Out execs to find a place for veggie burgers on their menu.

"As a company that prides itself on both customer satisfaction and ethical business practices, adding a meat-free option is a no-brainer. And by making this single addition, In-N-Out would be making a huge statement that it truly cares about its customers health and the health of the planet," the petition reads.

We're not so sure a fast food restaurant can just drop everything to integrate a new menu item, especially one that requires additional equipment, recipe testing and manpower (aka lots of extra money). Why can't these petition signers just opt for alternatives like Chipotle or Veggie Grill and allow In-N-Out to continue doing what it does best?

That being said, it'd be extremely difficult to imitate the delicious buns, secret sauce and animal style onions found exclusively on In-N-Out's menu. These vegetarians may be on to something.

Your move, In-N-Out.