The brand's new Cali-O Drive Thru shoes would certainly pair well with a Double Double.
Puma In N Out Sneaker
Credit: PUMA Co.Creative project with Mike Cherman

If you’re a food brand, scoring your own shoe is a surefire way to up your coolness factor. For instance, wearing pair of bright orange Air Jordan 6 Gatorades will make you look hipper than sipping on the sports drink to battle your hangover ever could. Same goes for a pair of Dunkin’ Donut shoes: Who doesn’t love the irony of athletic footwear made with the help of a donut brand? But some companies are so cool, they’re probably too cool to get in on the collaboration shoe craze. Even then, that doesn’t mean you can’t take a bit of inspiration from them anyway, right?

The German sports brand Puma recently went about “reviving and reimagining” its classic Puma California sneaker — and, in the process, the company appeared to lean heavily on one of California’s most iconic fast food chains, In-N-Out. Though Puma confirmed this is not an official collaboration, the similarities are clear — from the red, yellow, and white color scheme to the row of red palm trees at the base of the laces. This new Cali-O Drive Thru, as the shoe is called, “pays homage to … an essential part of the Cali lifestyle: its burger diners,” Puma writes. Or more specifically, one chain of burger diners… that cannot be named… wink, wink.

These kicks are currently being sold at a number of retailers, including Puma’s official online shop where they are selling for $120. Yes, you could buy a lot of Animal-Style Double Doubles with that kind of money, but maybe you should focus on your own style for a change?

In-N-Out Puma Sneaker
Credit: PUMA Co.Creative project with Mike Cherman

Meanwhile, In-N-Out does sell official “California Dreamin’ Shoes” in its Company Store. But though these canvas slip-ons might score you some points in the authenticity department (and save you over $70 in the wallet department) — no offense, In-N-Out — but despite the fact that you guys make amazing hamburgers, Puma’s definitely got you beat in the shoe designing department. Frankly, I think that’s a fair concession for a fast food chain to make.