By Aly Walansky
Updated May 04, 2016

For visitors, it’s often a must-stop as soon as you land at LAX. But can this awesome guilty pleasure be brought to another level?

For people of the West Coast, In-N-Out is something of a holy land and part of its charm is the simple yet delicious menu. Yet, in a video on Foodbeast’s YouTube page, Epic Meal Time’s Josh Elkin recently created an egg roll out of an In-N-Out burger. It’s next level genius, and yet oddly simple.

While this creation was made with an In-N-Out burger, we are sure it can be adapted with your order from Shake Shack, or anywhere else. Just chop up your burger and all its toppings and use it as filling inside a wrapper.

From there, go wild with your dipping sauces. A traditionalist might stick to the mayo and ketchup packets from the burger order, but perhaps you may want to work in some hot sauce or spicy mustard.

The options are endless, as are the limits people will go to make our favorite unhealthy fast foods even bigger gut busters. Well done, America.