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They have a bright future on the pizza tossing circuit.

Joey Skladany
Updated May 24, 2017

Throwing a baseball, shooting a basketball and kicking a soccer ball are basic skills that middle school-aged boys attempt to master, but the 10 and 12 year-old Testa brothers have their sights set on a more unusual talent: pizza tossing. 

The duo, Michael and Nicholas, are the latest subjects of a viral Facebook video. At 24 million views and counting, their impressive dough spinning and hurling routine has earned them spots on local and national news broadcasts. 

In a recent interview with San Angelo, TX's Fox affiliate, the boys' father, Carmine Testa, reveals that his sons have practiced nearly 30 minutes a day for the past five years. As a result, they've become small town celebrities at family-owned and operated Carmine's Pizza Factory in Jersey City. 

"Michael, my oldest, probably could win a competition now. He's that good," he says.  

Since pizza-tossing circuit rules prohibit Michael from competing until he's 18 (which seems unfair, considering the ages of Olympic gymnasts), he's certainly starting to set his sights on the future.  

" Me and my brother are very competitive," he divulged. "I've been practicing like a lot lately."  

While the idea of making pizza after delicious pizza sounds like an amazing after-school activity, the boys typically practice on rubber pizza dough and not the real thing. Also, while we're thoroughly inspired by the kids' commitment to their craft, we'd like our large pepperoni and cheese to come without a side of excessive touching. 

Their younger sister Chloe, already crowned the "Pizza Princess," is also on the fast track to becoming a professional pizza slinger. 

Needless to say, this is one absurdly talented family. You are now free to go back to feeling really unskilled.