Three Southern cities will now offer the new plant-based burger.


A couple weeks ago, Burger King made possibly the biggest announcement yet in the history of plant-based burgers: After a successful test run in the St. Louis area of its new Impossible Whopper — a Whopper made with a vegan, plant-based patty from Impossible Foods — America’s second largest burger chain said it would be rolling out these meat-free Whoppers nationwide. And yet, doing so is probably easier said than done. The Impossible Burger is one of the hottest food items in the world right now, and just today, the brand announced a fresh $300 million funding round amidst reports of shortages while the company tries to keep up with demand.

Along those lines, Burger King — which has over 7,000 U.S. locations — promised only that the Impossible Whopper will be available to everyone nationwide by the end of 2019. And if today’s news is any indicator, it’s going to be a piecemeal expansion. This morning, the chain announced that three new markets now have the Impossible Whopper: Miami, Florida; Columbus, Georgia; and Montgomery, Alabama.

Burger King Impossible Whopper
Credit: Burger King

Meanwhile, as the new meatless Whopper makes it across the country, Burger King says it will be “pulling out all the stops.” All three cities will get a visit from an “Impossible Whopper Tour Bus” offering “all sorts of games, music, and free swag to celebrate the launch of the plant-based burger.” Miami will be the first stop from May 16 to 18, followed by Columbus on May 20 to 21 and Montgomery on May 22. Details on the exact location of this vegan patty party bus can be found at

Beyond these initial cities, Burger King doesn’t appear to be tipping its hand as to where the Impossible Whopper will arrive after that; however, the chain has labeled these first three stops as the “Impossible Whopper Tour 2019,” so it seems safe to surmise that wherever the burger arrives next, the party bus will be sure to follow.