A letter to distributors reportedly stated that the plant-based meat company is “fully stocked.”

By Mike Pomranz
Updated July 18, 2019

If you’ve been struggling to find the Impossible Burger at your usual plant-based-friendly haunts, here’s some good news: Impossible Foods announced this week that their previously reported shortages are finally over.

On Monday, Impossible let its more than 400 distributors know that any caps on ordering their products have been removed and that the burgers are “fully stocked,” according to CNN. “We are absolutely back in business,” Impossible Foods President Dennis Woodside told the news channel.

Impossible burger
Credit: Impossible Foods Inc.

For the record, this doesn’t mean Impossible Burgers are back everywhere right now. Orders still have to be fulfilled and, in some cases, placed, meaning it may still take time for the burgers to reach restaurants through the distribution network. Still, Impossible Foods’ note to their distributors reportedly stated that the company produced “a record amount of product in June” and is “on track to break that record in July.”

Woodside told CNN that Impossible has taken a number of major steps to triple production over the past four months including slightly less obvious ideas like selling its faux-ground beef in five-pound bricks instead of premade patties. And that’s not all: The company is also slated to announce a new manufacturing partnership as well as open a new facility of their own which should “dramatically increase our production capacity.”

And yet, Impossible isn’t necessarily completely out of the woods: The company is currently in the midst of its largest rollout yet, hoping to stock over 7,000 Burger King locations nationwide by the end of the year, while, at the same time, planning to introduce its products at grocery stores in the fall. As a result, Woodside also stated, “I can't say 100 percent with certainty that in nine months — if there's a massive spike in demand — that we won't see some spotty shortages.” If that were to happen, I’m sure Beyond Burger would be happy to have your business instead.