'Impeachment' Vodka Is an Inauguration Celebration in a Bottle

The limited-run peachy liquor is a timely collector’s item for your bar cart.

If politics and novelty liquor both happen to be your thing, you'll probably want to hustle and get your hands on Impeachment, a timely vodka offering from the botanical-driven spirit makers at AMASS. The sleek, light pink bottle is a celebration of President Joe Biden's inauguration, and, of course, the end to the four years preceding it.

Impeachment's cheeky flavor and aroma notes include "soft rose petals with a delicate aroma, much like Donny's ego," redcurrant, and ginger, which "unlike a Russian winter or Melania's embrace, lends warmth to the spirit." The finish? "Juicy peach; the sweet, satisfying taste of victory."

Bottle of AMASS Impeachment Peach Flavored Vodka

AMASS co-founder and chief product officer Morgan McLachlan says the idea for Impeachmentstarted as a comical quip between team members amid a particularly harrowing political season in 2019. "When we shared it this January following Trump's second impending impeachment, our community responded in droves," she says. "From there, our team hit the ground running to develop a spirit fit for celebrating the Inauguration. We're lucky to have a strong, agile, and creative team that was able to turn this around so fast."

Only 2,021 bottles of Impeachment will be made, meaning those hoping to add it to their bar carts will need to act quickly. The Los Angeles-based brand also produces a dry gin, a new non-alcoholic spirit called Riverine, inspired by "the lush landscape of the Pacific Northwest", as well as an assortment of personal care products, including hand sanitizer, bath salts, and candles.

McLachlan says that in this particular case, Impeachment is a drink best served frozen. But, if you find yourself looking for some additional inspiration to pass the time during quarantine, we've also got you covered with a few ideas for vodka-based cocktails.

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