IKEA DIY Restaurant
Credit: © Ints Vikmanis/Getty Images

As if forcing you to build your own beds, bookshelves and entertainment centers wasn’t enough, IKEA is about to launch a pop-up restaurant in one of its London locations where diners are encouraged to make their own meals. As a furniture brand, maybe Ikea doesn’t quite know what the definition of a “restaurant” is?

The Dining Club by IKEA is set to run from September 10 to 25 in the brand’s Shoreditch location in London. The free, but by-application-only experience is described as “a DIY pop-up restaurant where you and up to 19 of your friends are cooks for the night under the expert supervision of a head chef.” Interested applicants can register online, and if selected, their group will “get to prepare a brunch, lunch or dinner” and “then sit down to enjoy your meal together.”

IKEA bills the concept as a chance “to celebrate the joy of cooking together,” though it does kind of have a bit of a come-check-out-this-timeshare vibe to it. That said, if the head chef can teach you how to make a decent Swedish meatball, it might be worth it – regardless of how much of a hard-sell an IKEA rep gives you to by a £4 set of wine glasses.

Beyond simply building your own mea,l like so many LACK tables, IKEA also writes, “The pop-up space in Shoreditch, East London, also houses an IKEA café serving Swedish delicacies, bookable and drop-in food related workshops, a virtual reality kitchen, and a unique shop so you can take home a piece of the experience for yourself.” Does IKEA even know why people go to IKEA? “Food related workshops”? I’m here because my last couch caught on fire, and I am not going to spend a fortune on a new couch if someone is just going to light it on fire again! Oh, and I need a cheap oven mitt.