Eat those Swedish meatballs in style. 
Credit: Ikea

Earlier this week, Ikea blessed us with a new menu item—a veggie hot dog (it already has a 95 percent approval rating in Sweden!) topped with pickled red cabbage, crispy fried onions, and brown mustard. And now, the Swedish retailer has rolled out another surprise—a sneak peek at their Holiday 2018 lineup.

They went heavy on the navy and plum this year, with richly-colored plates, platters, and serving bowls, and "things that look like other things" was another strong theme (check out the tree branch candelabra, and the acorn-shaped sugar bowl). Check out our top picks from the collection, and look out for the below items at your local Ikea, starting in October.

STRÅLA LED 5-Arm Candelabra-Branch, $30

Credit: Ikea

Ikea is great at festive centerpieces that you can leave up all winter long, like this tree-shaped candelabra, and its little light-up pinecone friend ($5).

VINTER Series Sugar Bowl, $5

Credit: Ikea

The cutest possible way to offer your guests some sugar with their tea. If you spring for the coordinating cream jug ($4) you still come in at under $10.

VINTER Series Mug and Saucer, $6; VINTER Series Side Plate, $3

Credit: Ikea

A dangerous breakfast in bed setup, in that you really, really won't want to leave your room.

ARV Plate, $4; VINTER Series Side Plate, $4; VINTER Series Wine Glass, $3

Credit: Ikea

Layer a clockface plate on top of a burgundy, scroll-edged style for a mad tea party vibe. Then add these faceted wine glasses, which look way pricier than they actually are.

VINTER Series Serving Bowls With Lids (Set of Two), $10

Credit: Ikea

Desserts (or, any courses really) are way more dramatic when they're served in a bowl with a lid (it's all about the reveal).

VINTER Series Five Cookie Cutters With Container, $5; VINTER Series Mortar and Pestle, $20

Credit: Ikea

A green marble mortar and pestle worthy of displaying on your counter, and five wintery cookie cutters, nestled in a tin (which could also be a giant cookie cutter).