Ikea has succeeded over the last several decades by convincing millions of people that can be furniture fabricators. In their stores, you can get furnishings for your entire home and put it all together with a single tiny tool that you will inevitably lose. Now up, the Swedish megastore wants to simplify gardening too with a little technique you might remember from your shady college roommate who had a name for all his bongs: hydroponics.

Next month, Ikea is set to roll out their KRYDDA/VÄXER series of hydroponic indoor gardening kits. (According to Google Translate, the name is Swedish for “SPICE/GROWING” disproving my theory that all Ikea names are made up by some Swedish jerk who is just trying to screw with our minds. According to the company, the kits were built to be so simple that anyone can succeed in using them. “You don’t need soil, sunlight or even a spot outside!” Ikea writes in a video showing off the new product. “Just keep an eye on the water level and that's it.”

Customers still have to set up the kit which takes a little bit of gardening to get the seeds sprouting. But beyond that, the hydroponic garden stays true to its name, only needing water to keep plants growing.

Ikea doesn’t list specifically what kinds of hydroponic plants will be available for sale, only teasing that you’ll be able to grow herbs and lettuce “from tasty lemon basil to crispy red romaine.” With all the science Ikea put into this product, I’m remaining hopeful that one of the kits will also grow their Swedish meatballs.