The furniture seller is teaming up with BYREDO for a line of signature fragrances.

By Clara Olshansky
Updated June 14, 2017
ikea store exterior
Credit: AlessandroColle / Getty Images

IKEA is about to release a line of fragrances in collaboration with Swedish perfumer Ben Gorham of BYREDO, and it's super secretive for now. According to IKEA's blog, we know that they're interested in "exploring new ways of bringing scent into the home." Here's the other thing we know: a sneak peek into the collaboration included the Swedish cinnamon roll scent that makes certain parts of IKEA's stores so hunger-inducing.

We don't know whether to expect scented candles, air fresheners, a fragrance mist, or perhaps if IKEA is actually going to go into perfumes now. ELLE has suggested that it's going to be an affordable scented candle. Meanwhile, the video for IKEA's Democratic Design Days showed shots of a bottled, clear liquid scent, while Gorham talked about the relationship between scent and memory.

When Jesper Brodin, CEO of IKEA, was asked, "What products can you see coming out of this?" he replied, "Hopefully something far newer than just another scented candle, so I don't really know what it is, but something which is bigger." We kind of hope he literally means bigger. Who wouldn't want a six-foot tall candle that makes your whole house smell like cinnamon rolls?

IKEA looks like it may be branching out in more ways than one. The company also recently announced that it will look into partnerships with third-party online retailers, perhaps even Amazon and Alibaba, to sell its products to consumers with out setting foot in the warehouse or using IKEA's proprietary website. There's also been talk of standalone IKEA restaurants that will serve up the chain's Swedish fare.

In his original teaser video for the BYREDO collaboration, Gorham said, "Imagine evoking feelings, ideas, without actually seeing anything." Yeah, we can actually imagine that pretty vividly. After all, without showing us anything about what this collaboration is going to look like, IKEA has pretty successfully evoked the feeling of us all really wanting a cinnamon roll right about now.