Eat those Swedish meatballs in style. 
Credit: IKEA

Every year, IKEA blesses us with a catalogue full of super-minimal, design-forward, head-scratchingly inexpensive home wares, and that time is upon us once again. Yes, as part of the Swedish company's 75th birthday, IKEA rolled out its latest batch of new products, including several sleek kitchen accents (fruit baskets, vases, stemware) that fall under the $30 mark.

Check out our favorites below, and, if you're in the New York City area, consider swinging by the brand's pop-up space, dubbed the "IKEA Inspiration Experience." Open from Wednesday, August 1 through Sunday, August 5 at 477 Broadway, the event takes guests through model homes (an apartment shared by two roommates, a studio for a single mom and her daughter) filled with IKEA products. Use it as a primer on space-saving hacks, or just go for the free meatballs (there's even a topping bar).

FÖRESLÅ Bowls, $12.99 for Two

These stackable, glazed stoneware bowls come in pairs (one beige, one millennial pink), and look way more expensive than their price tag.

SNIDAD Basket, $27.99

Fill this rattan basket with anything from your farmer's market haul that's too pretty to stash in the fridge.

GRADVIS Vase, $7.99

Add some flowers to this blush stoneware vase and, boom! Instant centerpiece.

RÅSKOG Utility Cart, $24.99

Is this a bar cart for a tiny studio apartment? A rack for jarred rice/pasta/lentils/anything that won't fit in your cupboards? An hors d'oeuvres caddy for cocktail parties? It's all of those things and somehow still less than the price of, like, four Chipotle burritos.

GLADOM Tray Table, $19.99

Okay, this looks like a normal side table, but the top tray is removable! Which means you can pop it off, take it to the kitchen, load it up with snacks, and return it to its rightful place between you and your Netflix marathon.

DYRGRIP Wine Glass, $3.99

IKEA claims that these white wine glasses make a "beautiful reverberation" when you cheers. Clink!

BRYTÄRT Plant Pot, $2.99

Buy a little basil (or sage, or garlic thyme) plant, put it in this cute earthenware pot, and place it in your kitchen window. Actually, buy all three plants—these things are $3.