America, meet the Big IHOP Pancake Burger.

By Mike Pomranz
Updated June 03, 2019
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Credit: Photo by Chris Baranski via Flickr

Last year, when IHOP decided to “change its name” to IHOb – with the “b” symbolizing the breakfast chain’s new burgers – plenty of people had a strong reaction to the admittedly cheesy publicity stunt. Meanwhile, the brass over at IHOP didn’t seem to mind, and though it probably wouldn’t be a good idea to combat all the haters, IHOP has now done the next best thing: given everyone the middle pancake – as in, a pancake in the middle of a hamburger.

IHOP pancake burger
Credit: IHOP

IHOP announced three new burgers today, though the clear headliner is called The Big IHOP Pancake Burger – a burger with a pancake right in the middle. The brand describes the wild new creation as “a world-famous buttermilk pancake griddled with Cheddar cheese and layered between two premium Steakburger patties, then topped with American cheese, custom-cured hickory-smoked bacon and house-made IHOP sauce.” In some ways, you could think of this as IHOP’s answer to the Big Mac where the middle bun is a pancake instead. This insane burger will apparently only be around for a limited time.

“When we launched our new Ultimate Steakburgers last year, what better way to show the world that we take our burgers as seriously as we take our pancakes than by announcing that we’d be changing our name to IHOb … temporarily,” Brad Haley, Chief Marketing Officer at IHOP, said in the announcement. “So many people asked us why we didn’t have a pancake burger last year that we’ve even added a [burger] with a pancake in it: The Big IHOP Pancake … Burger.”

Meanwhile, if a burger with a pancake shoved in the middle is a bit decadent for your tastes, IHOP’s two other new pancakes keep things nice and savory. They’ve also added a Garlic Butter Steakburger that’s “topped with savory house-made Gilroy garlic butter, custom-cured hickory-smoked bacon, White Cheddar cheese, fresh lettuce, tomato, onion and mayo” and a Loaded Philly Steakburger that’s “piled high with sautéed onions and peppers and smothered with melted White Cheddar cheese and Cheddar cheese sauce.” Of course, you could always just order a side of pancakes and shove one in the middle of those burgers as well. It’s your life.