Did we mention one is pumpkin-spice flavored?


Why drink your morning mocha or latte when you can eat up the flavor with a side of maple syrup? That's the thought behind IHOP's newest limited-edition line of pancakes made for coffee aficionados, aptly named "Latte Lover's Pancakes," available as of today.

According to a statement, the new pancakes are inspired by coffee lovers' favorite brews and include salted caramel, mocha, vanilla, and pumpkin spice, in time for fall, of course.

Each new flavor is meant to "create an elevated offering sure to awaken the taste buds no matter the time of day." In other words, the chain doesn't want you to think that just because the new pancakes are coffee-inspired you can't still have pancakes for dinner. (You do you.) But a warning: some of these new pancakes flavors also come with a small caffeine kick, so eat 'em with caution if you don't want to be up too late.

ihop coffee flavored pancakes
Credit: Courtesy of IHOP Restaurants

Here's a peek at the new (and returning) pancakes: the Espresso Mocha Cream chocolate pancakes are layered with mocha-flavored cream and topped with chocolate-covered espresso beans, while the Salted Caramel Java buttermilk flapjacks are topped with coffee bean-infused butter and a drizzle of salted caramel. Double Vanilla pancakes, also made with buttermilk, are topped with vanilla bean cream and a scoop of vanilla ice cream, and the Pumpkin Spice pancakes are made with pumpkin and whipped cream.

"IHOP is the Champion of All Day Breakfast … for us and our guests, coffee is an integral part of the day," Nevielle Panthaky, vice president of culinary at IHOP said in a statement. "Right now, there's so many interesting flavored lattes out there that we were inspired to combine these craveable ingredients with our delicious, world famous pancakes."

But while IHOP is encouraging you to enjoy the new line of pancakes any time of day, you won't be able to order them forever. They're only available until November 12.