Pancakes aren't just a food, they're a lifestyle. 
Credit: IHOP

What's better than eating a stack of pancakes? Eating a stack of pancakes while decked out in an adult onesie, printed with all your favorite breakfast foods. That's why IHOP just launched an official line of cozy holiday merch, called PancakeWear. (Imagine being complimented on your festive sweater and getting to reply, "Thanks, it's PancakeWear by IHOP.")

Yes, the lineup includes some ugly sweater options, like a $65 pullover that combines pancakes and snowflakes, tumbling through the sky. There's also a red, white, and blue striped knit with an intarsia IHOP coffee mug, if you're looking for something a bit more low key at the same price. (A gentle reminder that National Ugly Sweater Day falls on Friday, December 21 this year.)

Commitment-wise, you could go full breakfast mode with that aforementioned $38 adult onesie, featuring an allover print of bacon, eggs, pancakes, and coffee mugs (it also has pockets!). There's a $28 kids' version too, which is something to keep in mind if you're a fan of dressing your family in matching outfits to take holiday photos (if you get that far and don't take said photos in an actual IHOP, it'll be a real missed opportunity).

Want to broadcast your pancake fandom a little more subtly? You might like IHOP's classic, $35 sweatshirt (in solid burgundy, black, or blue), printed with the words "Pancakes, Pancakes, Pancakes." There's also an $18 mesh trucker hat with the same graphic. Or, you could always pick up that entry-level merch classic: the enamel pin. PancakeWear has three options (all $5): a stack of pancakes (of course), an IHOP-branded pitcher of syrup, and a burger planted with an "IHOB" flag (to commemorate that brief, destabilizing time when IHOP changed its name to "International House of Burgers").