By Mike Pomranz
Updated December 24, 2016
applebees ihop
Credit: © Maureen Sullivan / Roberto Machado Noa / Getty Images

The dining world is about to change forever. Who the hell cares if the Four Seasons ever comes back? Don’t bother trekking all the way to Mexico City to see the new Noma! Set your sights on Detroit. The Motor City is about to get the world’s first combination IHOP-Applebee’s. Time to roll your Riblets in a pancake and wash the whole thing down with the sweetest frozen alcoholic beverage you can find this side of the mall’s Macy’s!

According to the Detroit Free Press, the forthcoming 300-seat, 12,000-square-foot restaurant will open late next year inside the Millender Center in downtown Detroit. “This is the first IHOP/Applebee's combo that’s ever been built anywhere,” said Mark Schostak, executive chairman of TEAM Schostak Family Restaurants, owners of the new franchise. He also said his company “is proud to expand our portfolio by uniquely combining two nationally recognized and family-oriented brands.”

Though merging the two brands under one roof might sound surprising, the combination is actually pretty straightforward: IHOP bought Applebee’s in 2007 and rebranded under the corporate name DineEquity. So consider this this Taco Bell-KFC of casual dining. Once you know that, it’s actually a bit surprising it took a decade for this incestuous relationship to finally become a reality. But the move makes sense for another reason as well: Both brands have been struggling a bit as of late, IHOP in part because of McDonald’s all-day breakfast offering. This new dual outpost could potentially help DineEquity compete in that market.

That said, the most important question has yet to be answered: whether both menus will be available in their entirety all day – and whether you could potentially make some Frankenstein-like creations such as a boneless wing omelet. “Sources said Wednesday that the co-branded restaurant's menu is still being developed, and it's not yet known whether guests could order IHOP pancakes and omelets throughout the day, alongside plates of Applebee's boneless wings and Fiesta Lime Chicken,” wrote the Free Press. So basically sources aren’t sure whether the co-branded restaurant wants to actually be successful or be a total lame flop that no one goes to. This place has the potential to be everyone’s one-stop-shop for bad drunk food decisions.