Igloo is re-releasing its classic teal, hot pink, and yellow picnic cooler after nearly 25 years.

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Credit: Igloo

If you’re looking to live your ultimate 1990s-themed summer, this year is shaping up to be the most opportune time to do so. Not only can you lounge around the pool or chill beachside in a Capri Sun or Hi-C bathing suit, but there are even retro (yes, the ‘90s are retro now) coolers to keep all your favorite childhood snacks and beverages fresh while you’re out enjoying the sunshine. Igloo, the 72-year-old cooler brand, has just released its Throwback Collection, reviving three products with an original 1992 color schemes.

Credit: Igloo

Discontinued in 1995, the teal, pink, and yellow Picnic Cooler is back along with a Playmate mini cooler and Jug, all as limited-edition items available exclusively on Igloo’s website and at Urban Outfitters both online and in stores. Here are some of the specs:

Picnic Cooler

Credit: Igloo

Features a 25-quart capacity with hinged lid and double handle.
$68 at urbanoutfitters.com or igloo.com


Credit: Igloo

This four-quart capacity (six can) mini cooler has a swiveling lid that opens with the push of a button.
$40 at urbanoutfitters.com or igloo.com


Credit: Igloo

This insulated beverage container holds up to half a gallon and comes with a convenient carrying handle and fold-up straw spout.
$18 at urbanoutfitters.com or igloo.com

“When we decided to re-release the Picnic Cooler we thought the only way to do it was to stay true to our roots and relaunch with the same colors, on the same machines, and in the same factory in Katy, Texas,” Brad Blankinship, VP, Marketing of Igloo, said in a statement. “Additionally, selling at Urban Outfitters allows us to bridge the gap of generations — those who shop there will be able to take a trip back down memory lane and purchase a cooler many of them likely took on road trips with their families when they were kids.” Check out an appropriately VHS-quality video for the Throwback Collection below:

But as any kid who grew up watching Captain Planet knows, saving the environment is also a pretty rad thing to do. So if you don’t end up buying one of the bodacious coolers above, consider Igloo’s other innovation: A cooler made from 100-percent recycled paper that’s way more eco-friendly than Styrofoam. Check out more on that product here and learn about other sustainable picnic and party supplies here.