The 71-year-old rocker did it to help out the band Death Valley Girls.
Credit: Todd Williamson / lioputra / Getty Images

Though Iggy Pop has long been a rock ’n’ roll icon—both as the frontman of The Stooges and with classic solo material like “Lust for Life”—by some metrics, the 71-year-old oft-shirtless singer is more popular today than ever before. Somewhat incredibly, his most recent record, 2016’s Post Pop Depression, was his highest charting album ever, topping out at number 17. (His previous best, the 1977 classic The Idiot, only got as high as number 72.) And in a 2017 interview with Rolling Stone, he said he was basically broke until the 21st century. But nowadays, everyone wants a piece of Iggy—and that includes the Los Angeles-based indie rock band Death Valley Girls who recruited Pop to star in their latest music video… and… uh, eat a hamburger for four minutes.

Though scoring the legendary Pop for your video and then only asking him to eat a meal might sound like an odd choice, the visuals for the song “Disaster (Is What We’re After)” pay homage to another iconic figure from the past: Andy Warhol. In a classic artsy clip from the 1982 film 66 Scenes of America, Danish director Jørgen Leth infamously shot the eccentric artist as he ate a Burger King hamburger and ketchup for about four-and-a-half minutes. In the Warhol clip, all you hear is a bit of background noise and eating sounds. But the Death Valley Girls realized about four minutes was the perfect amount of time to fill with their new single.

“Having Iggy dig our music was more than amazing for us,” the band was quoted as saying. “When Kansas [Bowling, who directed the project,] told us she had a dream about recreating the ‘Andy Warhol Eating a Hamburger’ short film but with Iggy starring for our music video, we were cautiously excited about the possibility. Next thing we know we’re in Miami with Iggy himself, and a rock n’ roll dream became reality!”

In general, Pop’s take on burger eating is as straightforward as Warhol’s, though since Iggy is listening to the song during his rendition, he brings a bit more punk rock swagger to the situation, nodding his head at times. He also finishes things off with a flamboyant toss of the burger bag.

Basically, if you ever wanted to see Iggy Pop eat a hamburger—or just wear a shirt for a full four minutes—this is your chance. Maybe give it a watch during your own lunch break.