The freezable surface is available to backers on Indiegogo for just $40.
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Credit: Courtesy of Rolling Desserts Inc.

Ice cream rolls, the popular Southeast Asian street food, are certainly a super cool-looking way to eat your ice cream. But if haven't been lucky enough to live someplace where shops are scraping and serving these delicate treats, you'd have to settle for a plain old cone...until now. Enter the Ice Plate, an at-home solution that allows you to make ice cream rolls in the comfort of your own kitchen.

To use the Ice Plate, you just need to make your ice cream mix (which could be as simple as just combining milk, cream, and sugar), chop in any mix-ins you may want, spread the ice cream mix evenly across the pre-chilled plate, and use the spatula to roll up the ice cream. The whole thing only takes two minutes. Okay, to be fair, you do also need to keep the Ice Plate in the freezer for 12+ hours before you start, but each freeze lasts long enough for around 30 minutes of rolling.

Ice Plate, which has already raised almost twice its original Indiegogo goal, is currently available to backers for $40 (plus shipping), which is 27% off the price it'll retail for when it hits shelves. The plate comes with two spatulas and a recipe guide, which includes thousands of mix ideas. The Ice Plates are scheduled to ship this December.

Granted, if you own a metal skillet or a stone or marble slab, you actually can try your hand at making ice cream rolls already without shelling out the $40 and waiting until December. You just need to follow one of these guides (there's even one for using a sheet pan). However, the apparent advantage of the five-pound, 9 by 11-inch Ice Plate is that you'll have a large surface specifically designed for the task, so you'll get more ice cream than you would with a skillet and you don't need lug a heavy slab of stone in and out of your freezer.

To get some recipe inspiration for your own rolls, you can follow Rolling Desserts, the company behind the Ice Plate, on Instagram.