'Ice Cream for Breakfast Day' Is a Food Holiday We Can Get Behind

Here's how to celebrate. 

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Is there ever a day that isn'tNational Some-Kind-Of-Food Day?” The answer is no, not really (if you're curious about whether or not today is, say, Fruit Compote Day, or Mustard Day, the two main organizations of record are Chase’s Calendar of Events and the National Day Calendar). That being said, some weird food holidays are undeniably more fun than others. Take National Ice Cream for Breakfast Day (Saturday, February 2), for instance.

Dreamed up in 1960's Rochester, New York by Florence Rappaport—a mom who needed something to entertain her two young children one snowy morning—the holiday has since picked up steam (both with ice cream brands looking for a marketing hook, and with people looking for an excuse to start the day with dessert). This year, Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams is celebrating with a brand new flavor: Banana French Toast (a creamy banana custard flavored with pure maple syrup and studded with a crunchy French toast "gravel" with cinnamon and brown sugar).

All 34 Jeni's scoop shops will open bright and early at 9 a.m. (and select locations will also serve coffee to pair with your breakfast ice cream). And, up until noon, 100 percent of the profits from each scoop sale (and all online sales of pints from the Ice Cream for Breakfast collection—a.k.a. Brambleberry Crisp, Brown Butter Almond Brittle, Coffee With Cream and Sugar, Cream Puff, Gooey Butter Cake, and Milkiest Chocolate) will go to She Should Run, a nonprofit dedicated to inspiring women to run for office. Don't live near a Jeni's? Celebrate Ice Cream for Breakfast Day by fixing yourself one of these treats:

A Sicilian Ice Cream Sandwich

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Ice cream sandwiches are considered a breakfast food in Sicily, although they're a bit different than their American counterparts. For one, they're typically filled with gelato, not ice cream. And, most importantly, they're served in a brioche roll rather than between two cookies.

An Affogato

Churros Affogato
Courtesy of Four Seasons

While it's normally served as dessert, not breakfast, an affogato (gelato drowned in hot espresso) could definitely work as a morning pick-me-up. Just make sure to drink it fast.

An Ice Cream-Topped Waffle

waffle ice cream
Courtesy of Nutella

Topping off your waffle with ice cream isn't such a big leap from adding a spoonful of whipped cream, right? Go the extra mile and drizzle your breakfast-dessert with Nutella.

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