Ice Cream Eating World Record Set at Indiana State Fair

Miki Sudo came out victorious, besting Joey Chestnut's previous record by one pint.

indiana state fair ice cream eating contest
Photo: Courtesy of Indiana State Fair

The Indiana State Fair was the stage for the world’s best competitive eaters as they stuffed their faces at the ice cream eating championship. Miki Sudo of Las Vegas came out victorious, setting the world record for ice cream eating. She scarfed down 16 pints of ice cream in six minutes. For this stomach-stretching feat, Sudo took home $2,000 in prize money.

ice cream championship new world record
Courtesy of Indiana State Fair

Joey Chestnut—an impressive competitive eater in his own right (he’s taken home the Mustard Belt at Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest ten times after another victory this year)—set the previous record, when he managed to eat 15 pints of vanilla ice cream in six minutes. Sudo beat his record, and the second place winner, Juan Rodriguez, by one whole pint.

Meanwhile, at the Erie County Fair in New York, an unlikely food took center stage at an eating competition on Sunday: kale. Gideon Oji, competing with Joey Chestnut himself, came out victorious, eating 22 bowls of kale at what has been called “the world’s healthiest eating competition.” As impressive as this feat is, he didn’t manage to break his record from last year’s competition, where he ate 25 and a half bowls of kale.

Competitive eaters are some of the most impressive athletes—if you're willing to call them that—out there. One named Nela Zisser, from New Zealand, managed to eat a 2-pound burrito in just 95 seconds. Earlier this year, another, named Matt Stonie, ate 255 Peeps in just 5 minutes, right in time for Easter.

At the moment, Joey Chestnut is still ranked the number one competitive eater on Major League Eating, which calls him “the greatest eater in history,” and “an American hero and a national treasure.” But Sudo—currently ranked number 5 on Major League eating; the only woman in the top five—with her impressive showing at the Indiana State Fair might just be coming for that title.

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