By Clara Olshansky
Updated December 11, 2015
Courtesy of General Mills

This isn't your average drug-store purchased, stale chocolate advent calendar. Created by a world-renowned Italian designer, broken into chocolate-coated bricks of ice cream, with the ability to be deconstructed and rearranged however you please, this calendar cake may just be more exciting than Christmas itself.

With its different-height cubes marking each day of December, the calendar looks as much like a work of art as it does a delicious dessert. Paola Navone, the cake's designer, has described it as "like an explosion of ice cream bricks". Available in dark chocolate and almond with macadamia nut brittle or in dulce de leche with a red cake, the ice cream bricks rest on a bed of rice crisps and are topped with milk chocolate squares, and embellished with edible gold and silver leaf.

As Navone described it, "The design and style speaks of a refined sophistication and a playful pop." And no wonder the cake is so structurally impressive; Navone known for her architecture and interior decoration, so she knows a thing or two about laying out a space.

The cake is just one in Häagen Dazs's annual tradition of collaborating with designers to create the most unique advent calendars. Last year, Japanese designer nendo constructed a Christmas village too adorable to be believed. Before that, Swedish collective Front created a totally beautiful cloud of ice cream. In 2012, Doshi Levien created a mind-blowing ice cream-filled moon. After all, Häagen gets it: who needs Christmas miracles when you can be eating ice cream and chocolate?