Credit: Leaf Brands/Spencer Platt/Getty Images

An old battle proverb says The enemy of my enemy is my friend. But here’s a way whoever spoke it first probably never anticipated it being used: If Donald Trump is going to talk trash on Oreos, then Donald Trump must be Hydrox’s new best friend.

If you’re some sort of out-of-touch teenager who doesn’t realize that the world existed before Twitter, I wrote a quick recap of the century-old Oreo versus Hydrox beef back when the latter returned to the market last year. Long story short: Though Oreo is now the most popular cookie on Earth, it’s basically a Hydrox rip-off, and yet for much of this millennium, Hydrox has been completely out of business.

But Ellia Kassoff has been trying to revitalize the brand, and he recently tried to grab onto the coattails of one of the best promotional personalities in history: Donald Trump. When Mondalez, the huge international conglomerate behind Oreos, announced they were moving some of their production to Mexico, Kassoff tried to fan the flames of Trump-style patriotism by pointing out the shift to the flamboyant candidate. The Hydrox brand tweeted, “@realDonaldTrump We’re making our @hydroxcookie in US, not like @Oreo moving to Mexico.”

Coincidence or not, Trump later began saying he’d never eat Oreos again, and according to Bloomberg, Hydrox was happily sending free cookies the billionaire’s way. “We have to be very creative in taking advantage of certain things,” Kassoff said. “This was something that was basically free.”

But is Hydrox really the official sandwich cookie of the Trump campaign? A quick search of the Twitter reveals the candidate has never tweeted to or about the brand (and he tweets about everything!) And Bloomberg reached out to the Trump camp for a comment and only got crickets. Not to say that the Oreo bashing couldn’t help Kassoff regardless, but it seems he’s yet to get a slam dunk endorsement.

But even then, it’s not even guaranteed that aligning your brand with Trump is a good idea. Though he can certainly get your name out there, he is also viewed unfavorably by 60 percent of Americans (and possibly a million percent of non-Americans). You may just lose as many customers as you gain. Plus, the Trump stamp of approval isn’t always gold, lest us forget Trump Steaks, Trump: The Game, Trump Vodka, Trump Ice— [FADE OUT]