File this under “oddly satisfying.”

By Mike Pomranz
Updated July 05, 2017
Courtesy of Hydraulic Press Channel

Making a hamburger requires a bit of compressing: You have to take ground beef and smash it into a compact patty. But what if you gave a hamburger a taste of its own medicine? I’m talking, of course, about taking an entire hamburger and smashing the hell out of it. Sure, such revenge might seem like a complete waste of time, but luckily YouTube has the Hydraulic Press Channel. And what is the point of YouTube if not to be a complete waste of time?

As the name alludes to, the Hydraulic Press Channel (which boasts 1.7 million followers) features a guy who, for some reason, has unfettered access to a hydraulic press and uses that power as loosely as you may hope. In the past, he’s smashed (or at least attempted to smash) diamonds, bowling balls, gummy bears, hockey pucks… you name it. But for the hamburger lover in you, he recently posted a video demonstrating what his press can do to McDonald’s hamburgers.

To start, he unleashes the press on a Big Mac. And though plenty of jokes might tell you that McDonald’s hamburgers can survive under the harshest conditions, the press quickly turns McDonald’s signature burger into its own kind of ground meat. “Yeah, hamburger lose and the press wins,” the man behind the press announces.

But I think we all realized the soft combination of meat and bun would be no challenge for the strength of a hydraulic press – and that includes the guy behind the Hydraulic Press Channel as well, because to truly show off the power of the press, he tried a second trick: crushing six burgers inside an extruder. The result is a confetti-like explosion of tiny burger bits flying every which way. “So there is six hamburgers through three-millimeter hole,” the voice on the video says. “It’s a bit like ground beef but there’s also other hamburger stuff inside of it, so if you make steaks out of this then you have hamburger steaks, if that works like that.”