Hunger Relief and Mutual Aid Groups You Can Support to Help Texans During the Weather Crisis

José Andrés' World Central Kitchen has also mobilized to feed people left without power, water, and food in record-breaking conditions.

Record-breaking Winter Storm Uri on Tuesday left millions of Texans without power, heat, and water amid extreme, far-below-freezing conditions. The recovery has been slow-going and, in many historically marginalized communities, nonexistent, with 38 people reported dead. According to KXAN, as of Thursday morning, over 500,000 Texans still don't have power, with millions more being advised to boil water (if their pipes haven't burst) so it's safe to drink.

In the face of a lagging government response, hunger relief nonprofits and mutual aid organizations have mobilized to feed people who have run out of food and have nowhere to go. As of Wednesday, José Andrés' World Central Kitchen is on the ground in Houston, distributing meals to local senior living homes that are still without access to power. Restaurants unaffiliated with WCK have been handing out meals too; Eater reports that the food truck Boombox Tacos distributed over 800 tacos to Southwest Houstonians without power or water. (Many restaurants have mobilized to operate as warming centers for people stuck in freezing homes.)

Winter Storm Uri Brings Ice And Snow Across Widespread Parts Of The Nation
People carry groceries from a local gas station on February 15, 2021 in Austin, Texas. Winter storm Uri has brought historic cold weather to Texas, causing traffic delays and power outages, and storms have swept across 26 states with a mix of freezing temperatures and precipitation. Montinique Monroe / Stringer/Getty Images

After the storm, a comprehensive online resource began circulating that details Texas food banks and warming centers organized by location, along with multiple community fridges, mutual aid and relief funds that are looking for donations.

Here are a few (of many) local organizations and funds that are helping Texans through the crisis:

Kids Meals Inc.
The Houston organization is on the ground delivering meals directly to the homes of hungry children who have been without power and water. Much of the food they regularly deliver to families in poverty was destroyed in the storm. Donate here.

Feeding Texas
The network of 21 food banks is the largest hunger-relief organization in Texas. In response to the extreme winter weather and energy outages, Feeding Texas is also supporting warming centers. Donate here.

Feed the People Dallas
The Black-led collective offers mutual aid to the Dallas area and has stepped up to provide support, shelter, and warm clothing to unhoused folks during the crisis. Donate here.

Funky Town Fridge
The Fort Worth-based mutual aid group is bringing food to people's homes and supporting displaced people during the crisis. Donate here.

Texas Jail Project
The nonprofit works on behalf of vulnerable populations in Texas jails and is currently distributing money to commissary funds of those who are trapped without clean drinking water and heat. Donate here.

Kick the Cold - Austin Mutual Aid
The mutual aid group is providing food, shelter, and clean drinking water to thousands of unhoused Austin residents suffering through the disaster. Donate here.

Good Work Austin's Community Kitchen
The Austin program provides food made with locally grown ingredients to food-insecure communities. Donate here.

Laredo Community Fridge
The group is distributing blankets and essentials to vulnerable communities in the Laredo area. Donate here.

Here are more on-the-ground initiatives and funds you can support to help Texans in need.

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