The eateries will be part of a Lionsgate entertainment center set to open in 2019.


Lionsgate Films and amusement park company Parques Reunidos have announced a partnership that will bring some of your favorite movies and television shows to life in Times Square. Attractions in the forthcoming “indoor entertainment centers,” which will be called Lionsgate Entertainment City and has a tentative opening date sometime in 2019, will be based on the John Wick franchise, Hunger Games, and Mad Men.

No, you won’t have to worry about being chased around Times Square in a fight-to-the-death survival scenario; it’s actually much tamer than that. Along with a Hunger Games flying simulation, you’ll also a get Peeta’s Bakery (if you recall from the books, the character's family owns a bakery), as well as The Capitol Confectionery, a reference to the city where the wealthiest and most powerful citizens of the Hunger Games universe reside. You’ll also be able to eat in a Mad Men “dining and lounge experience,” which will presumably include a well-stocked bar. The Hunger Games-themed attractions seem more kid-friendly, but the Mad Men restaurant may turn out to be aimed more at their parents.

While both franchises are still wildly popular—even since both have concluded—they do seem like unusual choices for amusement park restaurants. Mad Men had no shortage of dark undertones, and the Hunger Games is a series about a dictatorship that picks children to hunt each other for entertainment purposes. Sounds a bit bleak. Still, a restaurant decked out in sixties-themed décor will certainly have its appeal, and with a whole generation of kids who grew up watching and reading the Hunger Games, there will likely be no shortage of customers.

There are, of course, plenty of non-food related attractions: a Divergent obstacle course, a virtual reality motorcycle ride, even a 4-D movie theater. According to Deadline, Lionsgate has also announced plans for more parks like this around the world, including Lionsgate Movie World on Jeju Island in South Korea, and the indoor theme park Lionsgate Entertainment World in Hengqin, China.