Binge-watch takes on a whole new meaning with these new TV-inspired flavors.

sprint an d hulu partnership
Credit: Courtesy of Sprint

An entertainment driven team-up between online streamer Hulu and phone provider Sprint is offering some tasty rewards for TV fans.

Fall, otherwise known as peak television season, is a time when networks release a bushel of new shows, adding to our already-crowded schedule of returning favorites. Thanks to streaming services, consuming everything the small screen has to offer has gotten significantly easier, and in the process, increased our TV snacking time. A new partnership between Sprint and Hulu capitalizes on this new TV foodscape through a sweet and salty spread of TV-inspired popcorn flavors.

Beginning November 17, Sprint Unlimited customers will receive Sprint Unlimited plus Hulu, which grants them access to as much Hulu as they want, whenever they want. As customers catch up on their shows, they'll also be able to enjoy one of eight limited-edition popcorn flavors inspired by fan-favorite shows currently streaming on Hulu.

The flavors, based on popular series like This Is Us, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and It's Aways Sunny in Philadelphia, were created exclusively for this partnership and could dramatically improve your binge-watching with their 4D-like taste experience. This Is Us fans can expect their poppable snack to be extra salty, like the tears you shed watching week after week, while Buffy fans should get ready for popcorn with a serious garlic bite, to ward off those vampires, of course.

Those who watch and love the FX comedy Always Sunny can look forward to popcorn that tastes like Philly Cheesesteaks made. Other flavors include a Seinfeld popcorn that tastes like nothing (for the show about nothing) and a Cheers-inspired flavor reminiscent of the beer and pretzels served at one of TV's most iconic bars.

Unfortunately, you won't be able to grab your own bag just anywhere. You'll have to win these limited-edition popcorn flavors by using the hashtag #HungryforHulu on Twitter. Tweet while you watch for a chance to eat while you watch.