From a wine cooler than acts as a cocktail shaker to a Bundt pan perfect for cutting corn, these new appliances are doing double duty.  
Corn-Studded Corn Muffins with Honey Mascarpone
Credit: Nicole Franzen

If you’ve ever lamented buying a cooking utensil or piece of kitchen equipment that serves one—and only one—purpose, Food & Wine culinary director Justin Chapple understands. You feel like, “I bought a Bundt pan and now all I can make are Bundt cakes,” Chapple commiserates on his Facebook Live appearance with HSN, where he whipped up recipes alongside the shopping network’s show host, Debbie Denmon.

“But it doesn’t have to,” Chapple continues. In fact, many of these new Food & Wine products, which are now available on HSN, can do double duty. Take, for example, its insulated carafe ($39.95). Though it can store an entire bottle of wine, you can also use the chiller as a cocktail shaker, Chapple reveals as he shakes up a refreshing gin drink.

(Add ice to the carafe, then pour three ounces of gin, one-ounce agave nectar, and one-and-a-half ounces of lemon, then shake. Pour into glass, top with a splash of club soda, and garnish with a spring of fresh mint and a cucumber and lemon slice.)

Likewise, the Bundt cake pan that comes as part of a 3-piece nonstick diamond-pattern bakeware set ($29.95) can make more than sweet treats. Chapple uses the pan’s pillar to hold steady a fresh ear of corn as he slices off the kernels—and they fall into the pan, preventing a mess. And the muffin tin? Chapple uses it to mold crab cakes, which means you can use fewer bread crumbs and more lump crab meat. “Normally you’d have to handle them with your palms,” to shape them into patties, Justin points out. By using a muffin pan, however, you can keep your hands clean too.

Find more tricks like these in Chapple’s cookbook, Mad Genius Tips, and arm yourself with the right equipment by checking out the rest of the new collection—which includes an electric spice mill set and sous vide cooker—and these tried-and-true Food&Wine-approved products.