Hey, all you buffet rookies out there. Let’s dial things back to the basics.

Rule #1: Buffets are, by definition, a chance to serve yourself. Beyond that, unless the buffet in question has a placard of posted rules (actually, buffets should probably all have a placard of posted rules at this point), all other restrictions are self-imposed. Yes, there are social norms and common courtesy and the general understanding that you won’t be that asshole who takes all the beef and leaves behind all the string beans. But if you want to reach some next-level buffet dining, you have to throw all those niceties out the window.

Case in point, this young gentleman on YouTube: He knows that buffet greatness stems from thinking outside the box. I don’t want to reveal any spoilers, but let’s just say if you don’t see where this video is going about five seconds in, you’re probably not cut out for the life of a buffet master.

Yes, you might think this guy is a real jerk, but let me ask you this: Where have your buffet kills gotten you? This dude is now a YouTube celebrity! Meanwhile, your buffet game is more worthy of a Bronzed Corral. Burn!