Richard Blais reveals his tips and tricks for upgrading your social media presence.
Richard Blais
Credit: Abby Hocking

Everyone wants to take better food photos on Instagram, so when chef Richard Blais shared his personal tips at this year's Food & Wine Classic in Aspen, we were all ears. His techniques will help you craft more compelling, more delicious-looking, and, crucially, more envy-inducing photos. From writing interactive captions to adding an egg to everything, here are five easy ways to take your Instagram account from average to influencer-worthy.

1. “Play the high-low game with ingredients.”

A simple, ingenious snack like the Pringles topped with sour cream and Greek caviar Blais created at the panel is both decadent and accessible. “[Use] a really elite, exclusive ingredient with something everyone knows, like the humble potato chip—so humble I didn’t even make them, I just popped the top.”

2. “When in doubt, post a picture of a hot dog or a sandwich.”

“Something that always works on social media is a big, sloppy, over-the-top cheeseburger. If it makes people hungry,” Blais says, “they are going to hit like. If you try to be too precious, sometimes it won’t work.”

3. “If you have a burger or a sandwich, cut it in half.”

Let people see the layers of ingredients, and the “cheese oozing out.”

4. “Put an egg on it.”

Blais finds that an egg, “especially one with a yolk,” is social media gold. During the seminar, he made a breakfast burger topped with a fried egg, which is perfect for Instagram because, “you can shoot it being built, step by step.” Don’t even bother putting the top bun on the burger, and showcase the egg. “That’s going to go pretty viral.”

5. “Ask someone to participate.”

Make your photo captions interactive. “’Onion rings or fries?’ ‘What would you call this?’ ‘Caption this’. All that stuff works,” Blais said.

If all else fails, Blais has a last resort strategy: “Tag Chrissy Teigen.”