Jacques Pépin demonstrates the proper way to open wine and pop the cork on a Champagne bottle. Plus, genius recipes that use up leftover wine.


In this Article Video: Jacques Pépin Shows How to Open a Bottleof Wine or Champagne Video: How to Saber a Bottle Cooking with Wine Wine and Champagne Tips How to Open a Bottle of Wine Jacques Pépin shows how to use a standard waiter’s corkscrew, plus great techniques for opening older bottles. How to Chill and Open Champagne If handled properly, a bucket of ice can chill Champagne super-quickly, but most people make one key error. Jacques Pépin identifies this common mistake and explains the best way to pop a cork. Recipes for Cooking with Wine Red-Wine Spaghetti with Walnuts and Parsley This recipe, adapted from New York City pastry chef Gina DePalma, is truly greater than the sum of its parts. Who knew that basic dried pasta, simply boiled in red wine, could develop such complex flavor? Beef Stew in Red Wine Sauce Jacques Pépin’s hearty stew is inspired by boeuf bourguignon, classically flavored with red Burgundy, but he prepares his version with the rich red wines of the southern Rhône. Chilled Chardonnay-Braised Calamari Pasta Cooling this skinny pasta, then tossing it with Chardonnay-braised squid in a light, tangy sauce, makes for a refreshing first course. Sauvignon Blanc-Steamed Mussels with Garlic Toasts F&W’s Grace Parisi shares a classic recipe for mussels in white wine. Chocolate-Red Wine Cake A recipe in Anne Willan’s 2001 Cooking with Wine inspired this fluffy, not-too-sweet cake, which uses just enough wine in the batter to give it a slight boozy flavor. Wine and Champagne Tips Ultimate Wines for Dinner Parties F&W’s Ray Isle solves every pairing dilemma with 10 spectacularly versatile wines. These bottles are sure bets at dinner parties. Amazing Wine Tasting Parties Here are three game plans for fun wine tasting parties: Hold a blind tasting, pick scents for an aroma party and show off perfect pairings. How To Keep Open Bottles Fresh Ray Isle answers common questions about saving leftover wine. Champagne Guide Champagne tastes great around the holidays—or any other time, for that matter. Here’s F&W’s guide to the festive fizz. How to Saber a Bottle Author and wine connoisseur Mark Oldman describes how to open a bottle dramatically by running a knife along its seam. Plus: The Basics of Tomahawking Champagne