It's the viral challenge leaving mothers everywhere confused. (And worried about you. Give them a call sometime, OK?) 
Microwaving Turkey
Credit: solarisimages/Getty Images; Getty Images/iStockphoto

Yes, Thanksgiving is about eating, and enjoying the four-day weekend, and watching football, and getting ridiculously drunk the night before, but it's also about spending time with family. And in 2018, this extends to texting your mom, asking her how to microwave a turkey, and then posting a screengrab of the conversation on social media.

As is often the case with these sorts of social media stunts, the posts usually provide plenty of encouragement for followers to make bad decisions similar to the original poster's—thus perpetuating the trend. “Hey everyone text your parents and ask them how long you should put a 25lb turkey in the microwave for and post their replies below,” goes one such tweet from a user name Christian that’s been shared by the tech site Mashable. His mom’s reply: “I should’ve never let you move out.”

Other moms provided some actual advice, though not necessarily the answer their progeny were hoping for. “Go buy some rotisserie chickens at Walmart,” suggested one smart mom whose response has generated over 8,000 likes and nearly 2,000 retweets on Twitter.

Obviously, you can look up all the dozens if not hundreds of social media messages covering this topic, but without quoting anyone’s mother directly, this tweet seemed to sum up the phenomenon nicely. I found it embedded on USA Today, which shows you just how far this thing has spread…

Potentially the craziest part of all of this, however, is that while a bunch of internet jokesters are simply trying to mock their mothers, as Mashable proved several years ago, you can apparently cook a thawed whole turkey in the microwave—though doing so isn’t necessarily any more convenient than cooking one in a conventional oven.

As a result, if you’re a mom and your kid attempts to pull this viral stunt on you, here’s the answer I would suggest: “Yes, you can. Just Google it.”