This bento porg is too cute to eat.
Star Wars-Themed Produce Exists, Because Why Not
Credit: Photo by GP Images via Getty Images

Listen up Star Wars fanatics: There is now a way for porgs, those fluffy, squishy, adorable little space penguins that populate the island where our hero, Rey, tracks down the mysterious Luke Skywalker, to invade your lunch box. Not the real thing—no matter how much you wish it were so, porgs just aren’t a real animal—but a version made out of rice. You have Disney Parks to thank for the edible rice sculpture, but luckily, one of their chefs made a video showing you how to recreate it in your very own home.

You’ll need a lot of sushi rice (which is “sticky and holds together great”) for this recipe, which requires that you mold the porg’s body and wings into rice balls. You’ll also need seaweed strips, black olives, soy sauce, black sesame seeds. The sesame seeds and the soy sauce are used to give the edible porg the proper color (if you’ll remember, porgs are covered in brown, black, and white fur). If you want to get extra fancy, you can even make three-towed orange feet for the porg from carrots. All you have to do to the pieces is press them together so that they stick (thanks to the sushi rice) and you’re done.

Place the rice porg in a bowl with some greens, and pair with a side such as curry like the chef does in the video—or whatever side dish you choose—and there you have it, a Star Wars bento box that you can put together in just a few minutes and is super easy to make. The only problem is that you might make it and discover that it’s just too cute to eat. Chewbacca couldn’t eat them either (yes, sorry, that is a spoiler) so we won’t blame you if you think this rice porg is better admired than served at lunch.

Something else you can make at home from the Star Wars universe? That green milk that Luke Skywalker drinks straight from the udder of an alien.