The new feature launches today. 

Instagraming Food
Credit: Getty Images/Westend61

These days, so many people find new restaurants not by reading reviews in the newspaper or exploring their neighborhood, but by scrolling through Instagram. In the past, if you spotted a beautiful dish in your explore tab, and the restaurant is tagged in the post, you would head over to its page, find out the menu and the location, and just hope that you didn't forget about it later—or you'd have to leave Instagram to look up the restaurant's phone number, and who has time for that? However, starting today, Instagram is making it far easier for curious diners to reach out to restaurants they find through the social media platform.

The upgrade comes in the form of programmable “action buttons.” Restaurants will begin to feature an option that will let you either order food for delivery, or make a reservation for dinner, through partnerships with companies like OpenTable (which upgraded its own platform recently), Grubhub, and Resy. Businesses will also have better filters on the direct message inbox, which will direct messages from customers to the main inbox rather than siphoning them off into a “pending folder,” making it simple to get your questions for business owners answered.

Because so many restaurants use Instagram as a place to post new specials, and upcoming happy hour deals in order to attract new customers, it makes sense that people should be able to make a reservation the moment the mood strikes. There’s also the convenience factor. You can now skip the step of calling a busy restaurant and waiting on hold just to find out there’s nothing available for the next three months.

This new Instagram feature is also a Godsend for people who aren’t as quick to try new restaurants: If you’re feeling in the mood for adventure on a whim, all it takes is a click of a button to make that dinner reservation—no over thinking, no putting it off until next weekend. So here’s to all the people who are looking to go out more. Let Instagram lead you to your next favorite meal.