How to Get Free McDonald's French Fries This Month

Getting your free fries is simple. 

While the debate over which fast food chain has the best French fries will probably never be resolved, my personal feeling—and I think most people would agree with me—is that McDonald’s ranks in at least the top three. A McDonald’s burger just doesn’t taste complete without those thin, crunchy, salt-drenched sticks. That’s why the news that you can get free McDonald’s fries every Friday for the rest of the month should be especially exciting.

Here’s how the deal works: First of all, you have to download the McDonald’s app. Yes, it’s another app on your phone, but for free fries, it’s worth it. Once you’ve ordered your food through the app, all you have to do is use Apple Pay to purchase, and you’ll be gifted with a free Medium order of fries—as long as it’s Friday. Yes, it’s that simple. Plus, by ordering ahead and using Apple Pay, you get to skip the lines.

There’s another piece of good news to go along with this one. McDonald’s is adding a new menu item that you’ll want to try: the fresh beef Quarterpounder burger. The new burger is making its debut this spring. Food & Wine got a first taste, and the verdict is in. It’s a definite “upgrade” from McDonald’s classic menu items. It probably tastes even better with a side of free fries.

The deal is only good for the rest of this month, which means you only have two more Fridays to get your free fries. And why not show a little support for McDonald’s? After all, the chain recently pledged that it will cut the amount of greenhouse gases emitted in the production of its beef by 2030—the equivalent of removing 32 million cars from the road for a year. Free fries might be great, but nothing tastes better than a healthier, cleaner environment.

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