Cookbook author Pam Anderson figures out how to eat satisfying and nutritious meals throughout the day—and still keep her weight down.


Cookbook author Pam Anderson was a serial dieter, yo-yoing from one regimen to another with little success. Then one day she threw her scales away and vowed never to diet again. In eight months she lost over 40 pounds. “Diets are like Band-Aids,” she says. “Just a quick fix.” Instead, Anderson developed an eating and fitness plan she could happily live with, based on small, frequent meals and daily exercise. “I asked myself, What do I need to eat to be happy?” she says. To match her new healthy lifestyle, Anderson created recipes for quick, delicious dishes that seem far more indulgent than they are, then packed them into her new cookbook, The Perfect Recipe for Losing Weight and Eating Great, released this month. An Indian-spiced soup gets its creamy body from pureed chickpeas and low-fat coconut milk. Cornstarch—not butter—enriches the raisin-ginger pan sauce for juicy pork tenderloin. And evaporated milk—one of Anderson’s secret ingredients—is the base for velvety custards every bit as luscious as crème brûlée. “You don’t need a lot of tricks to eat well,” she says. “Once you develop the inner strength to commit to it, there’s no going back.”