F&W’s Grace Parisi creates recipes for both chile rookies and chile heads.

By Grace Parisi
Updated March 31, 2015

I have a morbid fascination with Man v. Food and other reality-TV shows that involve extreme eating challenges. Mostly I enjoy seeing people behave foolishly so I can feel superior, if just for a moment. Especially gratifying are the episodes in which the host eats something insanely spicy, usually chicken wings, sniffling and sweating his way through the segment. Schadenfreude aside, I really do like spicy foods, but you won’t find any ghost chiles or Trinidad Moruga Scorpions (the world’s two hottest peppers) in the recipes that follow. I top my lamb burger with a bright, fresh and lively green harissa spiced with serrano and Anaheim chiles, and I glaze my Smokin’ Sweet Chicken Wings with a mix of cherry preserves and habanero. These wings won’t get you on reality TV, but be warned: They will make your lips tingle.


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