Tim Maslow’s restaurant Strip T's was once his father's dying diner. Today, it is a popular restaurant serving a mash-up of Italian, American and Asian cuisine.
Tim Maslow
Credit: © John Kernick

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Tim Maslow; Strip T's and Ribelle, Boston Area
Strip-T's has been part of Tim Maslow’s world since he was one year old and his father, Paul, opened it in Watertown. Maslow worked there as a kid (“My aunt always stiffed me on tips,” he recalls), then went to cooking school and became a rising star at New York City’s Momofuku Ssäm Bar. Then Maslow went home. “Strip-T’s was slowly starting to die,” he says. “I thought, It’s time to support my dad.” He resurrected the place, serving his own take on diner food like corn dogs in fresh corn batter. At Maslow’s second restaurant, Ribelle, in Brookline, the menu is an ambitious mash-up of Italian, American and Asian influences (the pork rinds on the standout corn pappardelle with Bolognese were inspired by a Filipino ex-girlfriend). Most recently, Maslow launched a pop-up within Ribelle on occasional Monday nights when the restaurant is closed. Called Kitchen Pass, it’s a tasting menu Maslow serves to guests at the kitchen’s counter while the rest of the restaurant is shut down—lights off, chairs on tables.