People love everything retro. But why just dip back into the overrated 20th century with its terrible Crystal Pepsi, destructive World Wars and horrible JNCO jeans? Jonathan Townsend of retailer Jas Townsend has recently proved you can get people excited by going even further back… all the way to the 18th century.

Hot on the heels of his million-plus-view viral video on how fried chicken was made back in the 1700s, Townsend is already back with another deep-fried treat: cheese-curd fritters from a cookbook published in 1758 called “The Compleat Housewife” by Eliza Smith.

Since Townsend actually makes curds for the recipe, he describes this episode of 18th Century Cooking as “a bit more challenging” than previous ones. But in the end, as expected, he totally nails it – not just because he been doing this 18th century cooking thing for a long time, but also because it’s 2016: If you can’t nail a recipe from 1758 with all that hindsight, it’s time to hang up your retro drawstring apron—available for just $10 on the Jas Townsend & Son, Inc website.

Hey, Jonathan ain’t making these videos for some cholera charity! Throw the man a few bucks.