If you hate waiting, you should download Nowait.

By Danica Lo
Updated May 24, 2017
Nowait Restaurant App
Credit: © Nowait

The only thing more annoying than busy restaurants that won't take reservations are busy restaurants that won't take reservations and won't tell you over the phone whether or not there currently is a long wait for a table. Enter new app Nowait, which has partnered with over 4,000 restaurants nationwide to allow customers to put their names down for tables remotely—and receive a text when their tables are ready. Customers save time by not waiting around in a restaurant's foyer, and restaurants get to streamline their seating system—so everybody wins.

"For restaurants, Nowait integrates, streamlines, and optimizes the entire front of house—from waitlists to table turnover to analytics and more—so that they efficiently provide amazing service," Nowait's website explains. "Guests use Nowait to add themselves to a restaurant's list, get texted when their table is ready, and privately rate their experiences at the end of the meal. Easy to use and even easier to love, Nowait provides the ideal restaurant experience for both sides of the table."

Even better? Yelp recently announced that it's partnered with Nowait, and will allow Yelp users to join a Nowait queue directly from the Yelp platform. So if you're browsing Yelp for dinner, you'll soon be able to put your name down for a table—even at the last minute. "This partnership has multiple benefits," Nowait CEO Ware Sykes told TechCrunch. "It helps us by enabling us to drive more traffic to our restaurants and it allows us to bring the Nowait experience to as many consumers as possible."

Can't wait for the integration—slated for later this year—between Yelp and Nowait? You can download the Nowait app right now, right here. The app works with thousands of local independent restaurants as well as national chains. In New York, a quick browse brings up instant wait time info at hotspots including Grimaldi's, Clinton Street Baking Co. and Nakamura as well as chains such as Chili's, Bareburger and P.J. Clarke's.