Credit: © Guido Cavallini/Getty Images

If one of your greatest fears is that you won't be able to make enough money to feed yourself, you can chill the hell out. Turns out, all you really need to get by, food-wise, is just $2 every day. In 1988, a 17-year-old Elon Musk lived off of just $1 per day for a month. Many hot dogs, oranges, and bowls of pasta later, he proved it was possible. Business Insider's Kathleen Elkins proves that, adjusted for inflation, such a lifestyle is still possible in 2016.

How did she stretch her $2 to account for 1970 fairly well-balanced calories every day? The answer wasn't by hoarding a bunch of free office snacks or eating all the food that was already in her house. In fact, these food sources were off limits, as was asking other people for favors. A cup of free office coffee each day, though, and accepting any meals or free samples that were offered were totally fair game.

After some trial-and-error—specifically, realizing that simple carbs weren't going to be enough to sustain her for a whole month—Elkins arrived at her shoestring-budget meal plan.

Breakfast: 1 serving of oats, 1 Trader Joe's banana
$0.39, 270 calories

Snack: 1 banana
$0.19, 100 calories

Lunch: 1 tortilla, 2 servings of peanut butter
$0.61, 500 calories

Snack: 1 serving of sunflower seeds
$0.14, 200 calories

Dinner: 4 servings of pasta, 1 serving of butter
$0.58, 900 calories

Elkins would occasionally switch it up with an egg here and a sweet potato there, and she made liberal use of the Trader Joe's sample bar. It's not exactly a nutritionist's dream of a diet. There's nothing green in there, and there's a definite shortage of protein. But it's passable in a pinch.