By Mike Pomranz
Updated November 06, 2015

If I could channel my inner Andy Rooney for a moment: Have you ever noticed that your bags of chips have a lot of air in them? More than you’d like? Henry Hargreaves has. Hargreaves is a photographer who loves working with food. We’ve seen him previously with his Beatles-themed food art Jello Submarine and his experiment turning the sugar from sodas into lollipops.

In the video above, he once again turns his analytical mind towards a common food item: snacks. He took bags of things like Doritos, potato chips, Bugles, popcorn and the like and compared the volume of the unopened package to the volume of the actual edible stuff inside.

Spoiler alert: Cape Cod Kettle Cooked Potato Chips had the most air in their packaging: 87 percent. Chex Mix had the least in his sampling: 56 percent.

Hargreaves points out that all of this air isn’t only short changing customers on product, it’s also less environmentally friendly since these companies create a “carbon footprint” by simply shipping air from one place to another.

Still, don’t badmouth air. We need air to live! (And to protect the chips). You can’t say that about Doritos!