The secret to plane food? Befriend Martha Stewart.

Thanks to the many duties of her job—i.e. "being Martha Stewart"—Martha Stewart travels, at the very least, once a month. Fortunately, another part of being Martha Stewart is giving advice to the rest of us, and yesterday, that involved sharing her wisdom on traveling.

While packing (she's a "a bag lady"), clothing (she always brings a type of shawl called a "shahtoosh" and workout gear) and iPads (she has three, so she doesn't run out of space) are key for her, Stewart's main focus in travel seems, not shockingly, to be food. "I try to make that work trip always pleasurable," she says, "in that I look for a new restaurant or something to see," which, in addition to bringing her some enjoyment, brings some to her readers too, since, she continues "I’m always getting a blog out of my travels."

As for breakfast, Martha Stewart sets herself apart from the rest of us yet again when she says she "never" stays in bed and orders room service. Instead, says the 76-year old, "I find the best breakfast place in town," citing Detroit's Astro Coffee and Detroit Institute of Bagels as places she both found and blogged about thanks to her seemingly infinite reserves of energy.

While this level of food enjoyment we can at least aspire to, Stewart's flying food advice is a bit harder to replicate for the non-Martha Stewart or non-Martha Stewart adjacent people among us. For long flights, she says, "I'll take some very good food that I know I’ll want to eat on the plane," which could mean a smoked salmon sandwich on seven-grain bread, a tabbouleh salad, or homemade yogurt with apple sauce. She also tries to avoid plane food, bringing her own hard-boiled eggs for everyone she's traveling with, which both are from her own chickens, and (obviously), "just so much better than any eggs on the plane." The real plane food advice, it seems, is to fly with Martha Stewart.