By Adam Campbell-Schmitt
Updated April 26, 2016
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It's safe to say the raindrop cake has taken the Internet by storm. (It's also punny to say that.) The crystal clear droplet of gelatin is a Japanese import that really took off in the States when Brooklyn’s collection of food trucks, carts and stands known as Smorgasburg starting serving it earlier this year. It looks like magic, but the blob of watery gloop that we have, for some reason, decided to refer to as a cake isn't some mysterious secret. It's actually pretty easy.

YouTuber Emmymade in Japan has broken down the recipe into some easy to follow steps. The main ingredients are water, sugar and agar agar (pretty widely available online and at some specialty markets). Combine them over reasonably low heat to avoid bubbles and then just pop the mixtures into some spherical ice molds, which you may have used for cooling down a fine whiskey. After refrigeration, plop the droplet cake onto your plate and add the traditional accompaniments, syrup (she uses dark honey) and kinako, a soy bean flour that is often part of Japanese dessert dishes. She even includes her first two less-successful attempts so that you know what not to do when perfecting this simple yet stunning recipe.