Charcoal Pucks
| Credit: © Anton Starikov / Alamy

Black hamburgers have become a trend in Japan, where both McDonald’s and Burger King released burgers featuring black buns earlier this year. The King’s take even offered black cheese. Meanwhile, Americans have watched in awe, wondering when—and possibly dreading the day—these crazy black concoctions will arrive in the States.

But for you proactive types who are sick of just sitting back and praying for the darkness to come, the site Instructables now has a recipe for making your own all-black burger with a homemade black bun. Do note that the burger is of the veggie variety.

Though the Japanese versions are colored with bamboo charcoal, this recipe uses medicinal charcoal, also known as activated charcoal, which the recipe’s creator found more easily. According to his explanation, “In the European Union [medicinal charcoal] is used as food colorant (known as additive E153). You can buy activated charcoal at the pharmacy.”

Once you have your coloring agent, the recipe is pretty standard burger fare. You just mix one teaspoon of charcoal in with the dough for your buns and one teaspoon in with the ingredients for your patty. You can check out the full recipe here.

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