By Noah Kaufman
Updated March 26, 2015

Whether you really want to impress someone celebrating a new raise or happen to be planning a comically bad Fort Knox robbery, we have got the cake for you. The 24-carrot cake looks so much like a bar of gold that one might be able to swap it out for the real thing at the U.S. Depository. No one would notice until the rats show up. It’s fairly simple to make. The only irregular ingredients you’ll need are some white and yellow fondant and a bit of edible gold leaf (Amazon sells it). The gold brick of cake is also a good way to try working with fondant for the first time—all you have to do is drape a layer of it over the top of the carrot cake—this isn’t exactly Cake Boss-level work. The video above from Paige Russell lays out the whole process. You can also check out complete written instructions from Instructables.