Insta-famous Paleo chef Mary Shenouda teams up with Mixed Makeup to launch a new YouTube series all about eating well.

By Danica Lo
Updated May 24, 2017
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Los Angeles-based Paleo chef Mary Shenouda has worked with thought-leaders and chefs including award-winning restaurateur Michael Mina, bodyhacker and best-selling author Tim Ferriss, and Superman's Brandon Roth. Her flavor-centric, pro-health, high-energy approach to cooking and eating has earned her a legion of fans across the internet—including more than 87,000 Instagram followers who tune in every day to drool over her inspirational food photos—like this bison bolognese and egg breakfast.

Starting this week, Shenouda has teamed up with YouTube channel Mixed Makeup Wellness to launch #UnicornFuel, where anyone can watch and learn how to create delicious Paleo meals from the comfort of their own homes.

"Mary grew up with a rich cultural background that included amazing Mediterranean dishes like spanakopita, lamb stew, and baklava—unfortunately, as an adult, she found out she could no longer eat gluten or dairy due to health issues, so it forced her to figure out how to enjoy these same dishes without those ingredients," Mixed Makeup founder Susan Yara tells Food & Wine. "In her show #UnicornFuel, she shows us her swaps for some of her favorite meals—even pizza!—and shares tips to really bring dishes to life using paleo-friendly ingredients, all without compromising taste."

For anyone who has been thinking about making the transition to Paleo, Shenouda has some great advice.

"I think most people are afraid about what they have to give up when trying Paleo," Shenouda tells Food & Wine. "I get it, food is very personal and the idea of the unknown when you first hear the 'foods to avoid' list can be really intimidating. First, I encourage my clients and readers to flip the script and think about all that they are going to gain from trying Paleo—which is feeling amazing and learning a lot about how their own bodies respond to certain foods. With that perspective, it makes the shopping, cooking, and eating steps a lot more enjoyable. My next suggestion would be to partner up with an accountability buddy and commit to just one week of Paleo. Baby step into it using a set meal plan or following paleo accounts on Instagram for meal inspiration."

Check out Mary Shenouda's inaugural video in her #UnicornFuel series right here: